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Giorgio Fiorelli   –   Birte Melsen

An Orthodontic Biomechanics School
Lido di Camaiore, Tuscany, Italy.

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The deep knowledge of biomechanics is an invaluable asset for any orthodontist, since any kind of orthodontic therapy using all kinds of technique or approach, can deeply benefit from it.

The knowledge of biomechanics allows for a real understanding of the therapy we perform every day, making our appliance effects predictable and letting us understand the reasons of our possible
mistakes. Finally e deep knowledge of biomechanics allows the orthodontist for the design of specific, tailor made appliances, that may be needed to solve problems with a special degree of difficulty.

Unfortunately, the learning of this subject is quite demanding and many orthodontists prefer to avoid to face its difficulties and delegate most of their work to “smart” or “intelligent” wires or brackets, with sometime questionable results.

After having lectured for so many years about biomechanics, and after we have been working together for more than 20 years on the “Biomechanics in Orthodontics” software, we have decided to undertake this new challenge of teaching the “real” biomechanics in five weeks of hard work.


 Course in the year 2015  From June 29th to July31st (Viareggio - Italy) 
Application is possible for any graduated dentist or postgraduate specialist in orthodontics, of any country. The minimum number of participants     will be 10. The maximum number of participants will be 15 .


Topics of the course

Elements of Statics, Vectorial Calculations, Relations between Force System and Dental Movement, Analysis of Static Equilibrium, Management of Anchorage (includes the use of TADS), The Biological Reaction to Orthodontic Forces, The Treatment Planning and the Use of T3D Occlusogram,  Statically Determined Appliances (Cantilevers), Two vector Mechanics,  Burstone Six Geometries, Basic Theory of Dental Alignment with Full Arches or Segments, Use of Loops for alignment, The Use of Trans Palatal Arches and Lingual Arches, Correction of Vertical Problems, Asymmetries: Clinical Management and Treatment Mechanics, Uprighting and Torque,  Space Closure and Space Openings, Orthodontic Treatment in Multidisciplinar Cases.

Detailed Program

If you are interested in attending in 2015, please contact us to be inserted in a pre-registration list.   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

 At this time we are working with people in this list. Preregistration list will close on Sep 7th. If we do not fill the course with this people, regular registrations will open at the end of september for the still available places

The application is possible for any graduated dentist or postgraduate specialist in orthodontics, of any country, since in our experience both the beginner and a skilled orthodontist can greatly benefit from this kind of course.

The minimum number of participants will be 10. The maximum number of participants will be 15. 

Venue of the course

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Giorgio Fiorelli and Birte Melsen
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